Greece Photo Tour during Olive Harvest

Capture Greece’s heartland including Meteora and the Peloponnese

10 Days

This photo tour of Greece brings you to the Peloponnese area at the start of the olive harvest so you will capture the different stages, from “shaking” the trees, collecting, transporting olives and then pressing them at the mills. And the olive groves by themselves are an attraction.

And let’s not forget that Peloponesse is also home to Olympia, one of the best-preserved ancient theatres (in Epidavros) and many other charming places like Monemvasia or Nafplio. And the intriguing monasteries from Meteora are on the itinerary as well.

The rugged coastline is also fascinating and it is dotted with small fishing towns from where fisherman go out to sea and return by midday with the day’s catch; also interesting to see and capture on camera.

Combined with the Greek friendliness, hospitality and cuisine, this tour provides a great variety of subjects and opportunities making it a great travel photography experience.

2024 dates: November 17-26

2025 dates: November 2-11

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 – Sunday

Greece is from where the term photography comes from, “phos graphis” in Greek means “drawing with light”. So what better way to start this photo tour of Greece than with a blue hour shoot of the Acropolis in Athens. We will also have our first group dinner at one of the local tavernas.


  • Overnight in Athens

Day 2 – Monday

In Athens we will go to Syntagma square to capture the changing of the guards in front of the Parliament building. Here, the Evzones soldiers dressed in special outfits guard the Monument of the Unknown Soldier and are changed every hour.

We travel from Athens north to where the Meteora monasteries are. There are many fascinating places in Greece and in Europe in general but these monasteries are truly spectacular. Here Greek Orthodox monasteries were built on giant rock boulders. We will photograph the monasteries and the area in the warm afternoon light all the way until the sun goes down. We will stay in Kastraki, a town with direct views towards the rocks and some of the monasteries.

  • Accommodation in Kastraki (near Meteora)
  • drive time – 4h30

Meteora Monestary Greece Photo Tour

Day 3 – Tuesday

We will spend the entire day uncovering the history of this fascinating site and photographing it from many different angles and at different times of the day. We will start with an early morning shoot, then visit some of the monasteries and end the day with a sunset shoot. Weather at this time of the year can be moody, foggy, cloudy or rainy so we will adapt to the conditions and take advantage of them.
This site is the second most important for Greek Orthodoxy after Mount Athos and the monasteries there. And it is definitely the most impressive site you will see in Greece (and there are many of them). It is just amazing what was done here and that there are still monks who live and worship in these monasteries. This will be one of the highlights of this Greece photo tour.
One of the rocks is 600m high (2000 feet) and many others are over 300m (1000 feet). Six of the original 24 monasteries can be visited and we will visit at least 2 of them.

  • Accommodation – Kastraki
  • Drive time – 2 hours

Day 4 – Wednesday

In the morning we will go out for another photo shoot in Meteora, especially if the weather conditions are significantly different or better than on the previous day.

Then we will drive back south towards Ancient Olympia. Along the long drive we will make several stops to capture the countryside, the coast and the impressive Rio-Antirrio bridge.


  • Overnight in Ancient Olympia
  • Drive time: 5h30

Day 5 – Thursday

We will start the day by going back in time to when the first Olympic games were held in Ancient Olympia. We will visit the site and learn about the incredible events which took place for 1000 years and how the spread of Christianity made the games stop.

By this time we will be in the Peloponnese peninsula, one of the largest agricultural regions of Greece from where some of the best oranges, olives and olive oils come, including the famous Kalamata olives. The weather, proximity to the sea and hilly landscape are ideal for olive farming. As we will drive by endless olive groves we will stop and photograph the groves or as we see farmers harvesting.

In the evening we will arrive in Gytheio which was the port of Sparta. Now it is a charming coastal town with many small fishing boats.


  • Overnight in Gytheio
  • Drive time: 3h

Day 6 – Friday

We will start the day with a sunrise shoot on a beach with a shipwreck making for very interesting composition especially if we are lucky to have a fiery sky.

After breakfast we will have a walk through the town, photograph the lighthouse and wait for the fisherman to return from the sea with their catch and photograph them as they take the fish from their nets. If the weather is good, we will even see octopus hanging to dry in the sun.

In the second half of the day, we will travel to the delightful town of Monemvasia. It is a located on a small mountain-like island and it has a very well-preserved architecture with brown stone buildings, many small church towers and beautiful narrow pedestrian streets.

  • Overnight in Gytheio
  • Drive time: 2:30h

Day 7 – Saturday

Kalamata olives are considered by many Greeks as the best ones, also making the best olive oil (competing with Crete). They come from … Kalamata! We will pass by this town and we will go to the local market and see what is being traded there. And then we will go to an olive grove, to learn about olives, taste them and the olive oil and see how olives are harvested and turned into oil at the mill. The harvest starts in late October and it will be in full swing at that time. We will pass by many other olive groves at different times of the day throughout this photo tour of Greece, we will stop to have a look and photograph them.

  • Accommodation – Kalamata
  • Drive time – 3h

Day 8 – Sunday

Our photographic journey through Greece continues with one of the largest and best-preserved ancient theatres, the one in Epidaurus. Millenia ago this part of a complex healing centre, a modern “hospital” for those times.

We are then invited to an organic orange farm to learn about oranges, Greek cuisine and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal by our hosts Panagiota & Petros.

In the evening we will arrive in Nafplio, just in time for an afternoon and blue hour photo shoot. The town was the first capital of Greece after gaining independence two centuries ago. It is situated in a bay, has very pleasant architecture, there is a fortress out on a small nearby island and a huge fortress on the hill overlooking the town.

The Greek food should be labelled as “finger-licking good” and during the trip we will dine at tavernas where locals usually eat and we will taste real Greece, with mezze, salads, seafood, souvlaki, tzatziki and a lot of olive oil.

  • Accommodation – Nafplio
  • Drive time – 3h

Days 9 – Monday

In the morning we will photograph the town of Nafplio and the region from high ground where the Palamidi fortress is located.
We will then continue to a wine region which is great to photograph especially in November. The vine leaves turn colours at this time of the year, the area is hilly and there are also cypress trees and olive groves combined in the landscape. And we will of course, not leave the wine region without having a taste of the wines together with lunch.
We will return to Athens in the evening where we will round up our fascinating photo journey to continental Greece.

  • Accommodation – Athens
  • Drive time – 2:30h

Day 10 – Tuesday

We hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your time in Greece and we thank you for joining us for this memorable Greece photo tour.

We will organize the transfer to the airport for your departure.

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A typical day during this Photo Tour of Greece
  • Early wake up to catch sunrise in an area with points of interest. By sunrise we don’t mean only the moment when the sun raises above the horizon. In a wider sense we can include the entire hour before the sunrise when 20-30 minutes are known as the “blue hour”. And there is the time when the sky is colored in hues of red, orange, pink, blue (especially if there are clouds). And after the actual sunrise we have the period called the “golden hour”. It is those 2 hours when the best pictures are taken. We will wake up for 3-4 sunrises, they are optional and you can skip some of them (if you need more sleep), just make sure you don’t miss out on the best ones
  • Breakfast and coffee (finally!), at our accommodation or somewhere else.
  • Travel to our next destination with scheduled and spontaneous stops along the way
  • Visit to an olive grove with explanations and tasting of olives and olive oil.
  • Visit to an organic orange farm with lunch
  • Visit and lunch at winery
  • Dinner on the first night in Athens
  • Entrance tickets to tourist sites
  • During mid-day when the sun is too strong for taking good pictures: we travel, eat, visit places indoor, go through pictures and edit them, have photography related discussion, stop by the beach or rest for 1-2 hours.
  • In the last part of the day we have again: golden hour, sunset and blue hour (but not every day).
  • In the evening if there is energy and time: select and edit pictures and discussions. Or mezze, dinner and beer/wine at the local taverna.
Included Services
  • Photographic guidance provided by the tour organizer and feedback on composition and approaching subjects but we will not get into very technical photography aspects. You are expected to be comfortable with your camera and be an independent shooter.
  • Local guides: 3h in Meteora, 2.5h at Olympia, 1.5h at Epidaurus and 2h in Monenvasia. Local guides are best trained to provide context and explanation for the historical sites in Greece.
  • Transportation by minivan for a group of up to 6 people (Mercedes Vito or similar) or minibus for a group larger than 6 (Mercedes Sprinter or similar).
  • Visit to an olive grove with explanations and tasting of olives and olive oil.
  • Visit to an organic orange farm with lunch
  • Visit and lunch at winery
  • Dinner on the first night in Athens
  • Entrance tickets to tourist sites
Excluded Services
  • Flights to Greece and return.
  • Meals, except those mentioned above
  • Travel or medical Insurance
  • Other services not mentioned in the above section
  • Extra nights in Athens

Prices for this Photo Tour in Greece

Please contact us for prices and further details by sending an enquiry through the website or email us. We plan to run the trip even with 2-3 people and the price depends on the final group size.

About the organizer of this tour photo tour to Greece

Daniel Rosca is a Romanian tour organizer, photographer and entrepreneur. Since 2011 he has organized more than 60 photo tours in Romania, Greece and Bulgaria for travellers from US, UK, Italy, Canada, Singapore and other countries. Some of these tours were organized in collaboration with professional photographers from whom he learned a lot: National Geographic photographers, Pulitzer Prize winner, bloggers, stock and wildlife photographers, newspaper photo editors and more.

Traveling is in his DNA, he worked and lived in Egypt, Turkey, Poland and Belgium and travelled to some 50 countries including Indonesia, Nepal, Rwanda, Brazil, Israel, Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Georgia.

He was first time to Greece in 2005 and since then he has been more than 10 times to less touristy places and out of season.

These tours are organized through a Romanian travel agency. He is one planning the tour and each day, deciding on meeting hour and place, locations and decided on spontaneous stops. Here’s Daniel LinkedIn profile (

The author of the pictures on this page is Daniel Rosca.
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