Greece Photo Tour

Greece Photo Tour. Road trip in rugged Peloponnese & Zakynthos 

Witness the sea and the mountains click it together!

8 Days

Pentru limba romana, vizitati va rog pagina Road-trip fotografic in Grecia

You are invited to discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Peloponnese peninsula in the south of Greece in the warm sunrise and sunset light.

We will practice what Greeks named “phos graphis” or “drawing with light” or better known as photography. 🙂 

11 reasons to like this photo road trip of Greece


1.We will visit the most spectacular area of Peloponnese in in the south of Greece where the rugged mountains meet the sea. We will go to the most picturesque places at sunrise and sunset so we can properly enjoy their charm and quietness.  


2. We will pass by many fishing towns and we hope to catch fishermen returning from the sea with their catch and cleaning the fish on their boats. With some luck we will even see them hanging octopus to dry in the sun. 

Road-trip fotografic in Grecia

3. The turquoise water of the sea will call for us to jump in. And we will make daily stops in some of the best locations to admire, photograph but also to dip in the sea, we have time during mid-day. 

Pescar in Grecia

4. The road-trip concept involves that we know where we spend the night and have some clear places in mind of where to stop during the day. But the schedule is generally flexible and if we really want to stop along the way, we will stop. There are plenty of reasons: landscapes, interesting people, tavernas and anything of interest. But as a participant you will not be worried about planning the trip, finding the accommodation or places to eat. You just enjoy the journey.  

5. Some famous and very photogenic beaches are also included in this Greece photo tour such as Voidokhilia and Navagio, the famous one from Zakynthos with the shipwreck

6. The Greek cultural-historical sights included in this photo road-trip are also tempting: Monemvasia (a small town with a rich history laid on the steep slopes of a small island), Vathia (an almost deserted village up in the hills with stone towers and views towards the sea), the old Methoni castle sitting right next to the sea, Olympia (the birthplace of the Olympic games). And in November Nafplio and Epidaurus amphitheatre are included

Peisaje culturale Grecia

7. Kalamata olives are considered by many Greeks as the best ones, also making the best olive oil (competing with Crete). They come from … Kalamata! We will pass by there and we will go to the local market and see what is being traded there. And then we will go to an olive grove, to learn about olives, taste them and the olive oil (in November we will go during harvest time). We will pass by many other olive groves at different times of the day, we will stop and have a look and photograph them. 

Kalamata Olives

Olive sheep by hans j. knospe

8. Fall (the tour in November) is the harvest time for olives and oranges. And from Peloponnese also come the best Greek oranges and you will taste the difference. So then we will get to see how they harvest them but also how they are consumed locally in different ways: from juicing to portokalopita and sausages with orange skins!!! Same for olives. 

Portocale in Grecia

9. The mountains and the sea offer us many other photo opportunities: caves with access from the sea, lighthouses, churches next to the sea, shipwrecks, villages in the mountains looking down at the sea, flocks of sheep and goats grazing from bellevue locations. 

10. The island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea is the place to start and end the trip in June and September as there are many seasonal flights from Europe to there and it is close to Peloponnese. In November we will start and end in Athens. The island is quite touristy but its rugged coast and the light blue water of the sea make for some great Shutterstock pictures 🙂  

island z Mateus de Carvalho Viegas

11. The Greek food should be labelled as “finger-licking good” and we will stop at some tavernas where locals usually eat and we will taste real Greece, with mezze, salads, seafood, souvlaki, tzatziki and a lot of olive oil. 

Greek food ariane vasquez


What is a photography road-trip? 

It’s a combination of the classical road-trip and a photo tour (or photo workshop).

In a road-trip you go by car and visit places from a certain area/country (route 66 from the USA is probably the most famous). The “The Bucket List” and “RV” movies are representative for the concept.

A photo tour is usually organized for people passionate about photography of beginner and medium skill level. Participants are interested in the culture, nature and history of the area AND want to capture what they see and experience in an artistic way with a camera. They are interested to develop their photography skills together with a more experienced photographer and to travel with other like-minded people.

Photo road trip

How does a typical day look like during a photo road-trip? 

  • Early wake up to catch sunrise in an area with points of interest. By sunrise we don’t mean only the moment when the sun raises above the horizon. In a wider sense we can include the entire hour before the sunrise when 20-30 minutes are known as the “blue hour”. And there is the time when the sky is coloured in hues of red, orange, pink, blue (especially if there are clouds). And after the actual sunrise we have the period called the “golden hour”. It is those 2 hours when the best pictures are taken. We will wake up for 5-6 sunrises, they are optional and you can skip some of them (if you need more sleep), just make sure you don’t miss out on the best ones 🙂 
  • Breakfast and coffee (finally!), at our accommodation or somewhere else.
  • Travel to our next destination with scheduled and spontaneous stops along the way
  • During mid-day when the sun is too strong for taking good pictures: we travel, eat, visit places indoor, go through pictures and edit them, have photography related discussion, stop by the beach or rest for 1-2 hours.
  • In the last part of the day we have again: golden hour, sunset and blue hour. We may dine before those.
  • In the evening if there is energy and time: select and edit pictures and discussions. Or mezze and beer/wine at the local taverna.

Wonderful Greece

Tour dates

  • Option 1: 12-19 June 2021 (from Zakynthos)
  • Option 2: 7-14 September (from Zakynthos)
  • Option 3: 14-21 November (from Athens)

Hanging octopuses by Jeffrey Riley

Suggested itinerary

Short daily itinerary for option 1 and 2 (June and September)

Day 1: Arrival and overnight on Zakynthos island

Day 2: Ferry Zakynthos-Kyllini and travel to Monemvasia, guided walking tour and sunset.  Overnight near Monemvasia

Day 3: Fishing villages between Monemvasia and Mani, shipwreck, lighthouse, sunset. Overnight in Mani area

Day 4: Mountain villages from Mani area, mountain and sea, cave accessed by boat, seascapes. Overnight in Mani area

Day 5: Kalamata farmers market, olive grove visit, learning about olives and tasting olives and olive oil. Sunset at Methoni castle by the sea. Overnight in Pylos area   

Day 6: Fishing village, Voidokilia beach, Olympia, Ferry Kyllini-Zakynthos. Overnight on Zakynthos island

Day 7: Full day on Zakynthos island: Navagio beach from above (the one with the shipwreck), Skinari lighthouse, Keri. Overnight on Zakynthos island

Day 8: Tour end.

methoni by florian.glechner

Short daily itinerary for option 3 (November)

Day 1: Arrival and overnight in Athens 

Day 2: Epidaurus amphitheatre, orange harvest, Nafplio. Overnight in Nafplio area

Day 3: Orange harvest, Monemvasia. Accommodation near Monemvasia

Day 4: Monenmvasia, Elafonisos island and Simos beach (you’d think you arrived in Maldives). Overnight in Elafonisos  

Day 5: Fishing villages towards Mani, shipwreck, lighthouse, sunset. Overnight in Mani area

Day 6: Mountain villages from Mani, mountain and sea, cave accessed by boat, seascapes. Overnight in Mani area

Day 7: Kalamata farmers market, olive grove visit, learning about olives and tasting olives and olive oil. Sunset at Methoni castle by the sea. Overnight in Athens

Day 8: Tour end. If there is time before departure flights, we can visit Athens in the morning. 

Itinerariu Road trip in Grecia

About the organizer and guide of this tour photo tour to Greece 

Daniel Rosca is a Romanian tour guide and entrepreneur. Since 2011 he has organized more than 50 photo tours in Romania for travellers from US, UK, Italy, Canada and many other countries. Some of these tours were organized in collaboration with professional photographers from whom he learned a lot: National Geographic photographers, Pulitzer prize winner, bloggers, stock and wildlife photographers, newspaper photo editors and more.

Daniel Rosca Ghid

Traveling is in his DNA, he worked and lived in Egypt, Turkey, Poland and Belgium and travelled to some 50 countries including Indonesia, Nepal, Rwanda, Brazil, Israel, Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Georgia.

In Greece he was first in 2005 and since then he has been another 4 times to less touristy places and out of season.

These tours are organized through a Romanian travel agency by a guide who is also a photographer. The guide will help participants to improve their photography skills by offering relevant information about settings, composition to the entire group and individually. He is one planning the tour and each day, deciding on meeting hour and place, locations and decided on spontaneous stops. Here’s Daniel’s LinkedIn profile. 

Daniel will use during this photo tour of Greece a Nikon Z6 mirrorless full-frame photo camera  and 2 lens (24-70, f 2.8 and 70-200 f 4) and as a backup he has another mirrorless (Lumix GH4 and 14-140 f 3.5 lens) which he can also lend.

Greek food 2 Chris Traveler

Included services in this photo tour of Greece  

  • Accommodation in double room for 7 nights at 3 star accommodation in comfortable rooms with private bathroom and AC. 4 breakfasts are included, the others are not included as we wake up early and we may not be close to the accommodation. 3 nights in Zakynthos and 4 in Peloponnese area (option 1 and 2) and 2 nights in Athens and 5 in Peloponnese area (option 3).
  • Photographic guidance for a small group of 6 to 10 participants. We will concentrate on how to create interesting compositions and technical aspects. We will have a first discussion about each participant 10 pictures selection in the first 2 days followed up by another discussion 2-3 days later. And then after the tour we will have a third discussion online. These discussions will help participants a lot to improve their photography skills.
  • Planning and organizing the trip: includes previous familiarization trips to the region, creating the itinerary and tour description, marketing costs, registering participants and tour guide related costs (including relocation, accommodation, transportation and meals).
  • Visit to an olive grove with explanations and tasting of olives and olive oil.
  • Guided tour of Monemvasia with a local guide so we can better understand the history of the place (1h30’)

b taverna

Services which are not included 

  • Transportation to Greece and return.
  • Transportation during the trip. As a safety measure we will travel by several cars and this way you can also decide which car you want to use. For 7 days prices start from 150 EUR for a small car, around 300 EUR for Opel Astra for example (can fit 2-3 bags in the trunk); CDW insurance included and anti-theft. Add to this the cost with fuel, road taxes, parking and ferries, around 150-200 EUR/car. The total cost for the car will be divided by how many people travel with that car
  • Lunch, dinner and 3 breakfasts are not included. Breakfast can be 5-10 EUR (or more) and lunch 10-20 EUR or more.
  • Entrance to some tourist sites such as cave or castle (20-30 EUR).

Kalamata market by Andrew Aliferis-2

Terms of booking, payment and cancelation for this photo tour of Greece

If the idea of joining us sounds tempting and you are interested in knowing the price of the tour, please write us at or call Daniel on 0040755365778. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


  • Your spot will be confirmed once you send us the proof of booking your flight to Greece.
  • The first down payment is of 250 EUR and should be paid with up to 32 days before the start of the tour. If you cancel after making the down payment: 150 EUR is refundable with up to 32 days before the tour. The 250 EUR is non-refundable if you cancel with less than 31 days before (even for covid-related cases).
  • The due amount should be paid with up to 10 days before the start of the tour
  • Since we live in uncertain times because of the pandemic, if we don’t have at least 6 people signing up for a date then the tour will not take place. Or we can discuss about an even smaller group size but the price will increase. The alternative is to book for another date or to travel to Greece on your own.

What to bring for this photo tour of Greece

  • DSLR or mirrorless photo camera and at least a zoom lens. This tour is for beginners too so even a kit lens like a 24-70, 24-105 or 18-55 mm would work. You can even come with your phone or compact camera but the quality of the picture will not be the same and you may not have the needed zoom for some situations. Its important to have available free space on memory cards for up to 1500 pictures or even more. And to have backup batteries and charger.
  • Tripod (preferred)
  • Laptop or tablet to download and visualize your pictures, preferably with editing software, I recommend Lightroom. You can also do it on the phone if you have the space and can transfer from the camera.


Safety measures in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic 

  • The guide has taken both anti-covid vaccine shots and it is recommended for the participants as well (but it is not mandatory)
  • Small group of 6 to 10 people traveling by several cars (2-4 people in each car)
  • Accommodation at small places, as “aired” as possible
  • Activities are outdoor. We will avoid being indoor and contact with locals from less than 2m.
  • Meals are not included so the group can spread to several tables or places.
  • Photo review will be done through a WhatsApp group and feedback sessions will be outdoor, watching picture on phone/tablet/laptop.

The Greek Minister of Tourism has announced that Greece will be open to travellers from May 14 2021 without having to quarantine if they should vaccination proof, negative PCR test or proof of immunization after having the virus.

If the idea of joining us sounds tempting and you are interested in knowing the price of the tour, please write us at or call Daniel on 0040755365778. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

island z by ivychr


Most pictures used are taken by Daniel Rosca. We have also used pictures from posted there by George Spanoudakiss, Chris Traveler, Arianne Vasquez, Jeffrey Riley, Roger Smith, Andrew Aliferis, Florian Glechner, Jordi Cucurull, Hans Knospe, Mateus de Carvalho Viegas.

diros by George Spanoudakiss

Greece at sunset

If the idea of joining us sounds tempting and you are interested in knowing the price of the tour, please write us at or call Daniel on 0040755365778. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


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