Be it landscape, people, culture or event photography the one you’re looking to shoot while visiting Romania in spring, you will find it in abundance!

Spring is the season when nature is reborn, when flowers bloom and people shed their winter coats and start work in the fields. But best of all, it is the season on celebrations, of customs and traditions that envelop you in a festive atmosphere!

As they say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. During our photo tours we’ve come across incredible views and moments that we want to share with you, so here are 16 captivating photos of Romania in spring.


The ongoing battle between winter and spring

Captivating photos of Romania in spring photo article - landscape, between winter and spring

Villager bringing hay from the fields to the barn

Villager working in the field

The countryside popping into bloom

Countryside around Viscri popping into bloom

Snow above, spring below

Spring landscape

Charcoal makers, some of the few left in Romania restart work

Charcoal makers at work

A misty sunrise in the mountains

A misty sunrise in the mountains

The magnificent Biertan Fortified Church bathed in the soft morning light

Captivating photos of Romania in spring - Biertan Fortified church

Enjoying the first warm days

Portrait of a man enjoying the warm spring weather

Mirror-like reflections of a spring sunset in a lost corner of Romania

Spring landscape - melting snow

A bee making its way across the flower bed

A bee flying above the flower fields

Morning routine in a traditional village

Quaint countryside - Viscri village

Farmers working the field the old way

Traditional life in Transylvania Photo Tour

Meadows covered in purple flowers

Captivating photos of Romania in spring - flowers in bloom

The Easter tradition of getting the food blessed

Easter celebration

Animals making their way to pasturing fields

Spring morning in Viscri village - animals going to the pasture

The beauty of a wooden church in Maramures

Wooden church of Maramures in spring

These are our 16 captivating photos of Romania in spring.  Join one of our photo tours for a chance at shooting your own pictures.


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