Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Photo day trip from Sibiu

Uncover charming people and places of Transylvania

1 Day

Take part in a private tailor-made photography day trip starting in Sibiu and explore the best of what Transylvania has to offer:

  • Take a cable car ride in winter from where you can capture the impressive Carpathian Mountains covered in snow.
  • Admire the old medieval fortified churches and fortresses and learn about the rich cultural and historical heritage of Transylvania.
  • Meet some of the last people still practicing their crafts the old traditional way.

Whatever you choose, you’ll capture the authentic image of Transylvania during this photo day trip from Sibiu.

Options for Photo Day trips from Sibiu

Option 1  Winter trip to Balea Lake

Option 2  Sunrise at Biertan Fortified Church, Sighisoara, Medias and fortified church

Option 3  Traditional crafts and occupations around Sibiu

Detailed Itinerary

Option 1  Winter trip to Balea Lake

Start your photo day trip from Sibiu with a morning photo shoot in a valley, at the base of the mountains, from where you can capture the snowy peaks of the Carpathian Mountains reflecting in the clear surface of the water.

Transfagarasan Road is considered by many to be Romania’s most spectacular drive. Open from July until October, you get to enjoy amazing views of the vivid forest and the sharp rock formations as you travel along the winding road. But that doesn’t mean the magnificent mountainous landscape can’t be admired in winter.

Winter landscape

In order to capture some of the best winter views in the country we will drive halfway up onto Transfagarasan, until Balea Waterfall and from there we will take the cable car up to the top of the mountains. You will get to photograph the soaring peaks hidden under the sparkly snow and the frozen lake.  If lucky, we might even find the Ice Hotel already built (from Christmas to March), a one-of-a-kind complex with its own ice restaurant, ice church and playground.

Duration: 8-9 hours, of which 2h 30’ driving time


  • 400 EUR for a group of 1-3 people
  • 750 EUR for a group of 4-6 people
  • 1000 EUR for a group of 7-9 people


Option 2  Sunrise at Biertan Fortified Church, Sighisoara, Medias and fortified church

The second option for a photo day trip from Sibiu allows you to gain insight into the rich and diverse local culture and history by photographing significant places of Saxon heritage.

The day will start with a sunrise shoot on the hills surrounding Biertan Fortified Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and possibly the most beautiful church left behind by the Saxons. It is set in a valley and rises above the colorful houses and unpaved streets.

Biertan Fortified Church at sunrise

You will continue with a photographic wander through the narrow alleys of Sighisoara, another UNESCO site and one of the best preserved medieval citadels in Europe. Soak up the atmosphere of the place by going up to the Clock Tower, passing by the colorful houses or climbing to the Church on the Hill through the Covered Staircase.


On this day you will also visit Medias, home to another magnificent religious monument – this time renowned for its tilted tower and Hosman village, where you can photograph its fortified church against a beautiful mountainous background.

Duration: 8-9 hours, of which 4h driving time


  • 400 EUR for a group of 1-3 people
  • 550 EUR for a group of 4-6 people
  • 750 EUR for a group of 7-12 people


Option 3  Traditional crafts around Sibiu

The third option we suggest for a photo day trip from Sibiu centers around witnessing the old way of life and traditions specific to Romania. The focus will be on people photography and on creating a story – you will get to capture all craftsmen at work as they progress from one stage of the product to another, until the finished object is ready to be used.

There are various communities of people in Transylvania, from which we will choose 3 or 4 depending on their availability that day.

We could travel to a nearby village where you could meet the local blacksmith and brick-maker, both of whom are still active in their communities and would tell you about the importance of their crafts. Or we could visit a glass factory, a place where hand-carved and hand-blown pieces of the highest quality are produced or a terracotta factory and capture people’s working process as they mold and paint the colorful stoves.

Gypsy coppersmiths

Another option is to visit a Roma family and see how they live, what their customs are and how they still practice a long-forgotten craft, coppersmithing. Lastly, travelling to a sheepfold and seeing how they gather the sheep and milk them could also be an interesting photo opportunity.

Milking the sheep

Duration: 8-9 hours, of which 3-4h driving time


  • 400 EUR for a group of 1-3 people
  • 600 EUR for a group of 4-6 people
  • 900 EUR for a group of 7-12 people

Why travel with us


Photo Day trip from Sibiu: Services included

  • Trip planning and assistance before and during the tour
  • English speaking tour guide services throughout the program
  • For option 1: Transfer by four wheel drive car (Dacia Duster, VW Tiguan, Honda CRV or similar). One car is to be used for 1-3 people, 2 cars for 4-6 people and 3 cars with 7-9 people. Fuel, road taxes and insurance are included, as well as driving services for more than 1 car.
  • For options 2&3: Private transfer on the above itinerary by car for 1-3 persons (Ford Mondeo or similar), minivan for 4-8 persons (Renault Trafic or similar), minibus for 9-12 persons (Mercedes Benz Sprinter or similar); fuel, taxes and parking fees are included.
  • Visits to the communities mentioned in the itinerary (subject to availability)

Services which are not included in the price for Photo Day trips from Sibiu

  • On average you can pay for a meal 10-15 EUR
  • Entrance tickets to tourist sites (optional)
  • Cable car ticket for option 1. The cost of a round trip ticket is 15 EUR

Traveler’s Reviews

Liam and friends from UK
“We were very lucky to get a day with Daniel at short notice. He drove the four of us in his comfortable Ford Mondeo from Sibiu to lovely Sighisoara, stopping at Biertan fortified church in the morning and the Prince of Wales’ favorite traditional village of Viscri in the afternoon. Daniel was superbly knowledgeable which made the day a much more enjoyable experience than we could possibly have had by hiring a car for ourselves. He was excellent company and really made our day.”


Jeroen from the Netherlands
“Me and my group had a private day trip which was flexible in every aspect. The guide was passionate and had many detailed background stories from the area, and made sure everyone got a rich experience from the trip. I can recommend their day tours to everyone visiting Romania. They will guarantee an experience you will not forget soon.”


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