Romania Photo Tours - Steam train in Maramures

Group Photo Tours of Romania 2020 & 2021

All our photo tours of Romania are designed for travelers interested in culture, landscape, wildlife and photography by adjusting the pace at which we travel, the viewpoints from which to capture an attraction and the time to be in a place.

Our tours deliver a variety of unique cultural experiences that have a photographic appeal. We believe that in order to get the most of a shot one should first understand the culture that he is visiting and this is one of our priorities. Our tours take you behind the scenes, beyond the landscapes and the architecture. Our tours are about finding out and capturing the true essence of a country.

Our tour operator company specializes in organizing photo tours of Romania focused on people & culture, towns & castles, landscape, birds & wildlife.

Some of our tours are organized directly for travelers (see our private photo tours page) and we also plan group tours on set dates in partnerships with international companies and tour leaders or with a local tour photographer.  For 2021 please find below the calendar with some of the group photo tours we have planned:

  • October 11-22 2021: fall colors and cultural photo tour of Bucovina, Maramures and Transylvania regions of Romania
  • October 23-30 2021: fall colours photo tour of Transylvania – OPEN for bookings 
  • December 22 2021- January 3 2022: Christmas, New Year and winter photo tour of Romania

Starting with 2021 we are also organising photo tours to Greece and the next date is November 27 – December 5 2021.

Below you will find the description of the tours that can be booked through us. Most of the above tours can be booked through our partners only so we haven’t included their description on our website.

So please contact us, tell us which tour/dates you are interested in and we’ll assist you in booking the tour either through us or provide you the information of our partners from abroad.

Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Late Autumn Colors Photo Tour of Romania

One week in the charming Transylvania region

8 Days

Autumn, October in particular, is one of the best times for photographers to visit Romania. Join us on this Autumn Colors Photo Tour of Romania and you will be in for a treat of colored leaves, from the red wild cherry trees, yellow birch to the evergreens.

We will navigate the mountains and forests and very interesting communities of people will give you great photography opportunities. Much of the countryside is dotted with small family farms where hand tools and draft animals are still in use.

Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Fall Colors Photo Tour of Romania

Capture Romania under an explosion of colors

11 Days

Fall brings wonderful displays of color to the diverse landscapes of Romania. During this 11-day Fall Colors Photo Tour of Romania you’ll journey through Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina in pursuit of great mountain vistas, foggy sunrises, charming medieval buildings and farmers gathering their late harvest.

The great variety of scenes and subjects will afford you countless opportunities to explore creative landscapes and inspiring compositions.

This tour is set to take place between 17-27 October 2020.

Greek fisherman

Greece Photo Tour during orange & olive harvest in Peloponnese

Road trip through farm land, fishing villages and seascapes 

8 Days

You are invited to discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Peloponnese peninsula in the south of Greece in the warm sunrise and sunset light.

We will practice what Greeks named “phos graphis” or “drawing with light” or better known as photography. 🙂

Tour date: November 28-December 5 2021. 

Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Christmas Photo Tour in Romania, Maramures

Capture the magic of the white season

6 Days

This Christmas Photo Tour in Maramures takes you to the best place to uncover the magic of this holy celebration – a place where people still dress in traditional clothes to go to church, where groups of carolers gather on Christmas Eve and enchant you with unforgettable performances and where you are warmly invited to immerse yourself into the local culture.

You’ll have opportunities to photograph the calming winter landscape, to capture one of the last fully-functional narrow-gauge steam trains making its way through the mountains, to learn about wooden churches and their importance to the local communities and to attend a local festival.

This tour will take place between 22 December and 27 December in 2019 and 2020.

Photo Tour of Romania during Harvest Times

New Year’s traditions – Winter Photo Tour in Romania

Capture unique traditions and snowy landscapes

5 Days

During winter Romania becomes a magical land as people display their fascinating traditions and nature dresses in a white blanket.

During this winter photo tour in Romania you’ll get to celebrate the passing into the New Year and photograph imposing castle, rolling hills covered in snow and locals dressed in bear skins to preserve a millennia old tradition.

This tour will take place between 29 December 2019/2020 and 2 January 2020/2021.

Photo Tour of Romania during Harvest Times

Winter Photo Tour of Romania in February

Capture scenic landscapes under a blanket of snow

10 Days

This Winter Photo Tour of Romania takes you through picturesque areas, quaint villages and medieval towns in Bucovina and Transylvania.

Photograph imposing castles, centuries-old fortified churches, painted monasteries, steam-trains travelling through forests covered in white and impressive mountains. To add to your winter experience, you’ll stay in an ice hotel and ride a dog-drawn sleigh. During this photo tour there will also be opportunities for portrait and lifestyle photography as you will get in touch with locals and become part of their daily lives.

This tour will take place between 29 January and 7 February 2021.

Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Easter Photo Tour of Romania

Immerse yourself into the rich customs of the locals

11 Days

Easter in Romania is one-of-a-kind celebration which blends in hundred-year-old traditions with delicious authentic food. During this Easter Photo Tour of Romania, you’ll capture the intriguing customs that come alive at this time of the year while also visiting Romania’s most beautiful places in Transylvania, Bucovina and Maramures.

In the next years the Orthodox and Catholic Easter happen with one-week difference so you can experience both!

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