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Private Photo Tours of Romania

If you have a passion for photography that you want to explore alongside other interests while traveling, we are here for you!

Our private photo tours of Romania are designed such that we offer a culturally-enriching experience while at the same time exploring Romania at a pace that leaves you enough time to capture on your camera the best of the country. Or we can center the tours around a special time of the year that have a photographic appeal, be it Christmas holidays, Easter celebrations or autumn foliage.

No matter the size of your group – from independent travellers to large groups – our local tour guides with interest in photography can take you to the most scenic places or put you in contact with people-related photo opportunities.

We also organize group photo tours on set dates in collaboration with renowned photo tour companies and leaders. Please see our group photo tours page for details.

Below are some of our suggested private photo tours of Romania which can be further adjusted until they best fit your expectations. Dates are flexible. Please have a look at them or contact us for a tailor-made proposal.

Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Scenic self-drive tour of Romania

Explore Romania’s picturesque nature and rural charm

12 Days

A self-drive tour of Romania is the perfect opportunity to discover the country’s diverse cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes at your own pace. You’ll drive on scenic high-altitude roads, enjoy golden sunrises in spectacular locations, and admire imposing medieval settlements. There’s so much to explore!

This tour is designed for photography lovers of all levels and it can be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in nature and scenic landscapes. You don’t need a professional camera or other fancy accessories, just a phone is enough to capture the beauty of Romania.

Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Best of Romania Photo Holiday 

Zoom in on Transylvania’s nature and medieval heritage

8 Days

How about a photo holiday in Romania? Transylvania region of Romania has imposing medieval castles, green rolling hills, snow-capped mountains and handy craftsmen practicing centuries old occupations.

You will have plenty of opportunities for portrait and candid photography as you will get in touch with locals and their everyday life, as well as breathtaking landscapes and wildlife.

Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Spring Photo Tour in Transylvania

Stunning natural sceneries and traditional way of life

5 Days

During this spring photo tour in Romania you’ll get to photograph the beautiful landscapes of Transylvania at sunrise and sunset and get in touch with people that continue the traditional crafts and occupations of their ancestors.

The tour includes a visit to a glass making factory, meeting a gypsy coppersmith family, spending an afternoon at a sheepfold and capturing some of Romania’s imposing architectural monuments.

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