For Romania’s National Day we compiled a series of pictures to show our identity and pride to be Romanians.

The Romanian flag is present in all the pictures, can you spot it? The three colors, vertically arranged are blue, yellow and red and they signify freedom (the blue of the sky), justice (the yellow of the fields) and brotherhood (the red of the blood).

Traditional welcome with bread and salt

Proud to be Romania - Bread and salt

We proudly wear & display our flag

Displaying our flag

Dancing ”hora”

Dancing hora

Drinking horinca

People drinking horinca

We preserve centuries old traditions

Winter traditions in Maramures

We throw big parties and festivals on important occasions.

The national day is one of them. 101 years ago, on 1st of December 1918, Romanian representatives from Transylvania announced the union with what was then a smaller country, leading in the end to the birth of what is known in history as Greater Romania. Since then, things have changed, but our patriotism and love for the country remain the same.

Proud to be Romanians - Festivals and celebrations

We can be loud

Proud to be Romanians - Loud people

We love the fruits from the grandparents’ garden

Fruits in the colors of the Romanian flag

Splashing with water, even in winter is for prosperity and fertility

Water splashing - traditional custom

We paint eggs for Easter

Proud to be Romanian - Painted eggs

We prefer small wooden churches

Wooden church and the Romanian flag

We like to wear traditional clothes. And they are very different from region to region

Wearing traditional clothes

Some still organize traditional weddings

Proud to be Romanian - traditional wedding

We love our medieval towns

Medieval town of Sighisoara

We value important figures in our history

Alba Iulia - important town in the history of Romania

We like to crack jokes, often very sarcastic

Proud to be Romanian - laughing couple

We love our mountains

Mountains and nature

Cold and snow don’t stop us from anything

Proud to be Romania - Cold and snow

If you want to learn more about Romania’s history you can check our article: Let’s recap Romania’s history as it celebrates its Centennial on December 1st.

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These pictures were taken during our group photo tours

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