Romania photo tour operator

“Veni. Vidi. Click.”

Our motto means “Come. See. Click” where click is a lot about “clicking” with our culture, besides using the camera.


Our story

We started in 2011 as a tour operator under the name Via Transylvania Tours and our very first group was of photographers. In the following years we organized tours for photographers but also cultural, genealogy, wine tours and nature related tours.

With time, our tours expanded to all regions of Romania and we realized that photo tours have great potential and Romania is very little known as a destination for travel, landscape and wildlife photography.

That’s how Romania Photo Tours, a local photo tour operator, came to life in 2019 but with all our experience from 2011. We also received an EU grant to kick-start this second company of ours through the Start Up Plus programme.

We provide you with the expertise we accumulated over the years, our commitment to providing an enriching cultural experience while focusing on your interests in photography!


Our tours

Until now we’ve collaborated with renowned photo tour companies and photo tour leaders from Europe and North America:  from Pulitzer prize winner to National Geographic photographers and editors, to winners and finalists of international photo competitions and professional photographers who changed their careers from selling pictures and assignments to running photo tours. Some of the group tours we have planned with them on set dates for the next years can be found on our Romania group photo tours page.

We also organize private and tailor-made trips for individuals or small groups passionate about photography. Please get in touch with us if you’d like us to organize such a tour for you.

We are members of Responsible Travel, a leading company in green tourism. You can read our responsible travel policy here.

We operate under the Romanian law, so below you can find the tour operator license and the mandatory insurance policy for the tourists in case of bankruptcy or insolvency of the company. The tourism license was provided by the Romanian Tourism Ministry under the name “Romania Photo Tours” while the legal name is SC Apicture SRL.

Locally we work with NGOs like Viitor Plus which promotes sustainable development and runs awareness projects, plants trees, encourage use of textile shopping bags and recycling.

Romania Photo Tours insurance

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