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Krakow and southern Poland are interesting destinations for photography enthusiasts, offering a wide array of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the medieval architecture of Krakow’s Old Town to the serene landscapes of the Tatra Mountains, the region offers a lot to photograph. Whether you’re drawn to bustling cityscapes or the stillness of the countryside, southern Poland provides an array of intriguing subjects for your lens.
After our visit to Poland we came up with a list of things we enjoyed and recommend to photograph in Krakow and southern Poland. We have included something for different photography styles and interests.

1 – Krakow

inside church in Krakow Poland

Start your journey at the picturesque town square, where vibrant markets and charming cafes let you capture the essence of local life. Don’t miss the elegant horse-drawn carriages that add a touch of old-world charm. Take wide shots to encompass the bustling square, and detailed shots of architectural elements. Visit during sunrise or sunset for favorable light and fewer crowds. Venture towards the iconic St. Francis of Assisi Church. Here you will find stained glass windows which make up for intricate designs. Experiment with the way light transforms the interior spaces into a kaleidoscope of colors.

2 – The blue hour at Wawel Castle Palace and church in Krakow

Poland Krakow Wavel castle at blue hour

During the blue hour, the Wawel Castle and Church are softly lit, giving it a magical feel. The intricate architecture of the palace and the silhouette of the church stand in stark contrast against the evening sky. It is well worth the wait to get it just right. As the last traces of daylight fade, the castle takes on a mysterious allure. Use different angles to capture the grandeur of the structures. Also capture the panoramic views from the castle and of course discover its history.

3 – Auschwitz concentration camp

Poland Auschwitz 1 5103

Capturing the dark history and profound sadness of Auschwitz requires sensitivity, respect, and a deep understanding of the gravity of the site. Through photography, one can convey the solemnity and emotional weight of the Holocaust memorial by focusing on evocative details such as the barbed wire fences, the remnants of the barracks, and the empty spaces that once held thousands of prisoners. Photographing the memorials, exhibits, and belongings of the victims can also help convey the enormity of the tragedy that unfolded within these walls. However, it’s essential to approach photography at Auschwitz with reverence and mindfulness, being aware of the sensitivity of the subject matter and the need to honor the memory of the victims with dignity and respect.

4 – Wooden Churches

Poland wooden church 1 4646

Through photography, one can highlight the intricate craftsmanship of these churches, which often date back centuries. You can focus on the fine details which also go well in close ups. The surroundings and tranquil landscapes that often frame these structures add to their charm and provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing their beauty. The interior of these churches provide additional subjects like intricate woodcarvings, colorful frescoes, and religious artifacts. Overall, photographing the wooden churches of southern Poland offers a glimpse into the region’s rich culture and serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of its people. Some of them can be a bit far away from the main cities but if you travel from place to place they are nice addition to your list of things to photograph for Southern Poland. Simply take a break from driving and photograph them.

5 – Zakopane mountain views

Poland Zakopane 1 4608

For those interested in landscape and nature, a trip to the Tatra Mountains is a must for their picturesque valleys and forests and Zakopane is very well located. To capture the essence of these mountain views, photographers can explore various vantage points such as Gubałówka Hill, Kasprowy Wierch, or Tatra National Park, which offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, incorporating elements such as dramatic lighting, cloud formations, and vibrant colors can enhance the visual impact of the photographs. Whether capturing the rugged peaks against the backdrop of a sunset or the tranquillity of a mist-covered valley, photography in Zakopane provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature.

6 – Wroclaw

Poland Wroclaw 1 5243

We have included Wroclaw to our list of most interesting things to photograph in Southern Poland as we found it very beautiful and with a great vie and much less touristy than Krakow.
By exploring Wroclaw you will find history and architectural beauty and see how a city who was severely destroyed during WW2 looks like after a very significant renovation. It is a city with many water canals that meander through the streets, offering many opportunities for reflection photography. The city’s rich heritage is evident in its Germanic-style staircases, churches, and squares. You can play around with the reflection of the Gothic cathedral and historic buildings in the Oder River. Early mornings or evenings provide soft light and still waters so you can try getting the architectural details in the symmetry of the shot. Tumski Bridge along with its reflection is best photographed at blue hour. Wroclav is filled with other structures so feel free to explore and come up with some intriguing shots as well as discover its history.

7 – Ksiaz Castle

Poland Ksiaz castle 1 5334

This should definitely be amongst your list of things to photograph in southern Poland. Besides discovering its history you can also photograph it in different lights and whether conditions. The golden hours makes it look good in the soft light. But if you happen to be there when it is not so nice or stormy you can use the clouds to give it an imposing look. Also consider night photography. Książ Castle is beautifully illuminated at night. Capture the castle’s illuminated facade against the dark sky for a dramatic effect. Use a tripod to ensure sharpness in your night shots.
Get close up shots of the details and use leading lines to focus the viewer’s attention on the castle.
Mid-late May is particularly interesting as the many rhododendron bushes from the gardens are in bloom and make for very interesting foreground.

8 – Bolesławice Pottery

Poland pottery 1 5266

Traditional pottery offers a captivating glimpse into southern Poland’s rich artisanal heritage. Photographing these hand painted pieces is a visual delight. Their intricate patterns and glazes represent the region’s folklore. You can take a tour of one of the factory and photograph the pottery from start to the finalized piece. You can capture every step of the process as well as the skilled people behind the scenes. The colors used to paint them have very different shades when freshly applied compared to the final product. Use this and other intricacies to capture the charm of this traditional polish craft.

9 – Catholicism

Poland Swidnica church 5342

Southern Poland offers a rich tapestry of Catholicism, traditions, and cultural heritage, providing a captivating subject for photography. In this region, Catholicism is deeply intertwined with daily life, evident in the ornate churches, religious ceremonies, and devout practices observed by the local communities. Photographers can capture the solemn beauty of Corpus Christi processions winding through historic streets, where the faithful gather to celebrate their faith amidst ornate altars and colorful floral displays. And there are many other religious events and processions which happen year and make for interesting people and cultural photography.
While Southern Poland it is not as rich as Tuscany, Provence or Scotland in terms of photography, we found there are many interesting things to photograph in Krakow and Poland in general.
From historical landmarks to scenic and historic sites, rich traditions, and beyond, the region beckons with many opportunities for discovery. Whether you’re drawn to its storied past, breathtaking landscapes, or vibrant culture, southern Poland promises a memorable journey filled with treasures waiting to be uncovered through your lens.

10 – Jewish Heritage

Poland Krakow Jew 1 4824

Poland’s Jewish heritage offers rich and diverse photographic opportunities, especially in Krakow’s historic Jewish Quarter, Kazimierz. Here, visitors can capture the vibrant life of the area, from the beautifully preserved synagogues like the Old Synagogue and Remuh Synagogue to the streets filled with Jewish culture and history. This quarter is a testament to the enduring spirit and contributions of the Jewish community in Poland, showcasing its traditions, architecture, and cultural landmarks beyond the shadow of the Holocaust.







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